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Release Version 4.27

21st June 2018

Searching from Docs Overview

We have added the ability for any user to search across all items from the Docs Overview page. A user can now search through any report item in Doc Assembler, regardless of whether or not it has been assigned to them, using the new search box located at the top left of the Docs Overview page. In the example below the user has entered the search term "budget" in the search box. Doc Assembler will search all report items in the entire system and return any that contain the search term in their title. If you are using the report number field then this is also searched.

We have added a new Search Results tab to the Docs Overview to display the results of the search.

The search results list is almost identical to the item list that is displayed when you drill down on a document from the Docs Overview page, with the addition of the document name in the first column. You can sort the search results by clicking on one of the column headers.

This search allows a user to search all report items _regardless of whether or not the item has been assigned to them. As a result there are some important differences related to viewing of item metadata and the item content document, when compared to the Dashboard search:

  1. You can access metadata for an item by clicking on the gear icon or the number of attachments. However all metadata on the Item Detail page is read only i.e. custom fields, assignments, attachments and publish destinations.
  2. You can attempt to view the underlying Item Content document by clicking on the required row, or via the link on the Item Detail page. _However your ability to actually view or edit the document will require you to have been previously assigned the appropriate permission. _

In addition to searching the title it is also possible to include the values of one or more custom fields in the search. In order to enable this feature an administrator must tick the Include In Item Search checkbox for the required custom field. Note that only custom field values applied after this check box has been ticked will be available for searching.

Minutes Processing

  • All of the placeholder fields, except {resolution} will now be updated each time the Apply button is clicked e.g. if you have selected the wrong mover you can now select the correct one and then click the Apply button a second time to update the mover without needing to manually add back in the {mover} placeholder field.
  • You can now put a tick in the a combination of the Mover/Seconderand Person checkboxes for a voter. Previously only one of these 3 checkboxes could be ticked so an individual could not have the Person checkbox ticked if they were also a mover/seconder.
  • Multiple voters can now have the Person checkbox ticked. In this scenario a comma separated list of voters will be inserted into the {person} placeholder.
  • Only one voter can now be selected as a mover.
  • Only one voter can now be selected as a seconder.
  • Moved the Apply button immediately to the left ot the Insert button.
  • Added the item number to the title on the separate detached Item Content page.
  • Ensured that that editors on the Minute Review tab are correctly updated when the Insert button is clicked.

Ability to Include Recommendation in Order of Business

It is now possible to have Doc Assembler extract the recommendation from a report item and include it in the Order of Business. To enable this a new setting named Include Recommendation has been added to the Document/Template Settings:

The screenshot below shows a sample of how it might look - the font, indentation etc. are all configurable via the Document/Template Style Sheet. Note that you can control the formatting of "Recommendation:" using the OOB settings in the Style Sheet. It will adapt the settings applied to the level below your Item title settings.


  • After marking an assignment as complete a user can no longer add, modify or delete: assignees, publish destinations or custom fields.

  • We have made a change to the document assembly process that prevents problems with the table of contents when an inline attachment also contains a table of contents (e.g. minutes from a previous meeting).

  • Added a new setting at the item level Is Not Report Item. This allows overriding of the Contains Report Items section level setting for an individual item in order to prevent it from appearing in the Docs Overview e.g. a "Nil' document in the Mayoral Minutes section of an agenda.

  • Added some colour to the Link Existing, Remove and Draft buttons in the Item Content panel, when editing an item from the Document Assembly page, to prevent accidental clicking of the wrong button.

  • The Refresh button in the top toolbar now performs a full browser refresh - the equivalent of pressing the Ctrl + F5 button on most browsers.

  • Removed the text from the Logout button in the top toolbar to save some space on narrower screen resolutions.

  • Auto Insert Fields: enabled specifiying the width of the gap between the attachment number and title for the Attachment List (Left Aligned) option.

  • Prevented clicking of the Close button while uploading a collaborative attachment.

  • Made sure that long values in inline attachment footers word wrap onto a second line.

  • The concatenated list of Incomplete Authors and Incomplete Reviewers are now sorted in the same order that assignments are listed.