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Release Version 4.28

14th August 2018

Minutes Processing

A new "Copy & Reset" button has been added to the minutes processing page. So there are now two copy options:

  1. Copy: this will make a complete copy of the selected minute including mover, seconder etc.
  2. Copy & Reset: this will make a copy but reset any placeholder fields e.g. {move}, {seconder}, {for} etc.

A new "Link" button has been added to the Minute Input and Minute Type editors to allow for inserting hyperlinks.

User Assignments

Two new options have been added when adding or maintaining a user account. These are primarily designed to enable you to exclude councillors from the list of users available when assigning report items and actions.

  1. Can Assign to Actions: if this box is not ticked then a user will not appear in the list of available users when assigning actions.
  2. Can Assign to Items: if this box is not ticked then a user will not appear in the list of available users when assigning report items.

Document Assembly

  • When using the "Assembler in PDF/A Format" option the resulting PDF will now be in PdfA1a format instead of PdfA1b. PdfA1a adds accessibility tags to the PDF that is produced.

  • The assembled PDF for individual items can now be viewed from the Document Assembly page by clicking the new "Assembled PDF" button. This is the same file that is published when the "Publish Individual Items" option is used.

TRIM Integration

  • When publishing to TRIM the item title is now truncated to 254 characters to avoid errors.
  • When publishing to TRIM we now do so under the credentials configured in System Config | TRIM Integration - in the past we were impersonating the logged on user.
  • A new "TRIM' Label" option has been added to System Config | TRIM Integration. This allows setting a custom label to be used wherever TRIM is reference throughout the application.

Action Processing

We are now correctly using the "Default Action Required Text" from System Config | Actions when creating new actions.

Report Number

It is now possible to edit the report number for an item from the Item | Settings area on the Document Assembly page.