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Release Version 4.29

6th September 2018

Minutes - Resolution Numbers & Resolution Register

This release introduces two significant new features to the minutes processing functionality offered by Doc Assembler:

  1. Resolution Numbers: auto-incrementing numbers with optional prefixes based on meeting type.
  2. Minutes Resolution Register, including optional public access.

Click on the links above to view full details of each of these new features.

We would like to acknowledge the assistance and input provided by Albury City Council in contributing towards the development of these important new features.

Documents Overview Access

We have modified Documents Overview so that all users now have at least a minimum level of access to view metadata. These changes are designed to make the Documents Overview useful for all users. They effectively provide an "agenda running list" that lets any Doc Assembler user view a list of report items in upcoming meetings.

The available access levels are as follows (1. and 2. are existing functionality, 3. and 4. are new):

  1. Users assigned to a document as continue to have full admin rights i.e. they can modify custom fields, assignments, attachments, and publish destinations and view and edit the underlying document.
  2. Users assigned to a document as continue to have read only rights, including viewing of attachments & reports.
  3. All users now have read only rights on metadata – i.e. they can view the list of items contained within a document (agenda) and drill down into the associated metadata - custom fields, assignments, attachments, and publish destinations. However they will not be able to view the attachments and reports unless they were assigned to the item as either an owner, co-author or reviewer/approver.
  4. We have added a new setting at the document/template level entitled Disable Metadata Only access in Documents Overview. This setting enables you to prevents users with access at point 3. above from drilling down into the associated metadata for a sensitive confidential item.

These access levels are also applied when searching from Documents Overview. Previously the Documents Overview search was restricted to a read only view of the search results.

Note that the Documents Overview grid and calendar views only list current documents i.e. documents that fit the following criteria:

  1. Not inactive
  2. Not archived
  3. Complex structure i.e. not "My Documents"

The Documents Overview search function searches items in all active documents i.e. it also includes archived documents.

Item Title Enhancements

Item Title Auto Insert Fields

It is now possible to choose where the item number and title are inserted into a report item. Previously the only option was for the item number and title to appear together at the very beginning of the report. No changes are necessary to continue to use the existing functionality. If you wish to take advantage of this new feature then two steps are required.

  1. Place a tick in the new Item Title checkbox in the Auto Insert Fields panel of the section containing the report items.
  2. Add the number and title placeholders fields wherever you want them to appear in your item content template. Multiple placeholder fields can be added if you want the number and/or title to appear in multiple places. Placeholder field options are as follows:
    1. Item Number: {item-no} or {item-no-do-not-remove}
    2. Item Title: {item-title} or {item-title-do-not-remove}

Note the following if using this new feature:

  1. The table of contents entry for the report items will still continue to be linked to the beginning of the report item.
  2. You should remove any existing title placeholder fields that take up the space that will be occupied by the title inserted at the start of the report i.e. {title}, {title-do-not-remove}, {title-auto-inserted-by-system} or {title-will-be-inserted-by-system-do-not-remove}.
  3. The item number and title will only be populated when the document is assembled.
  4. The inserted item number and title will take on the formatting applied to the placeholder fields.

An example of how this new feature is shown in the images below. The first image is from the item content template. The second image is from the assembled report.

Title Prefixes (previously referred to as Number Prefixes)

The existing option to add a prefix to section and/or item titles has been enhanced by enabling the prefix to be added between the number and title. Previously the only option was to add the prefix before the number. For example given a prefix of "GM ", an item number of "11.2" and an item title of "Half Yearly Budget Report" you now have the option of the title being produced in either of these ways:

  1. "GM 11.2 Half Yearly Budget Report"
  2. "11.2 GM Half Yearly Budget Report"

This applies to Item Title Prefixes specified at either the document or section level. No change is necessary to continue to use the old option (number 1. above). If you want to use the new option (number 2. above) then simply place a tick in the new Insert Prefix After Number checkbox.

Other Changes

  • Prevented a user from being assigned to a report item multiple times when they initiate the report and have also been assigned as a default co-author or reviewer/approver.
  • When using the Reset Item Numbers feature for a section, prevented anything numbered less than one from being updated.
  • Prevented moving or copying report items to a document where the Document Due Date has passed.