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Release Version 4.31

3rd December 2018

Completed Actions - Generation and Publishing of Summary PDF

When an action is completed we now automatically generate a PDF summarising the action. Note that an action is considered completed once all assignees to the action have marked their assignment as complete.

The generated PDF can be viewed in two places: 1. Action List: by clicking the View button in the Completed column of the grid. Note that the View button will only appear for completed actions where the PDF has been generated i.e. actions that are completed from now on.

  1. Action Processing: by clicking the View button. Note that the View button will only appear for completed actions where the PDF has been generated i.e. actions that are completed from now on.

An example of a generated PDF summarising a completed action is shown below:


Note that there is also an Include Minutes in Action Completed PDF option in System Config that enables details of related minutes (resolutions) to be included in the generated PDF.

Sites using TRIM (Micro Focus Content Manager) can also optionally choose to have this PDF automatically published to TRIM by ticking the Publish Completed Actions checkbox in System Config. When this option is selected the PDF will automatically be published to the TRIM publish destination nominated for the related report item, when the action is completed.

Copying Collaborative Attachments

When an item is copied, if the option to Copy Attachments is selected, any collaborative attachments are now also copied. Previously only "static" attachments were copied.

Hiding of Section Titles

It is now possible to hide section titles, whilst still having them included in the Table of Contents. This may be useful if you require section level cover pages in the middle of an agenda. In order to hide a section title simply tick the "Hide Title" checkbox in the section settings.

Minutes Processing

Fixed a problem that prevented the {resolution} placeholder field from being populated in certain circumstances, when using default minute types.

Fixed another problem that caused an error when using default minute types if the minute type did not contain any template text.

We now show an icon on the Notes tab on the minutes processing page if notes exist for the selected item.

Default Due Dates for Actions

Due Dates Defaults for actions, configured at the template level on the Template Maintenance page have now been changed to be xx number of days AFTER the meeting date. Previously default due dates for actions were xx number of days prior to the meeting date - which really made no practical sense.

Custom Fields

By default custom field drop down lists no longer have the option to "Select All" at the list or group level. Options exist on the Custom Fields maintenance page to turn these feature back on for specific custom fields if required.

Custom field drop down lists can now be collapsed at the group level.


  • Fixed issue with new line character in header or footer text making all text lower case.
  • Fixed issue with line spacing in multi-line header or footer.
  • Fixed problem with Permissions Queue page not refreshing correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed adding of a TRIM publish destination without population of the required TRIM custom fields.
  • We now prevent a user from being assigned as both an Owner and a Viewer at the document/template level. Doing so achieved no purpose and was causing some issues with document permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with custom field filtering not working in Internet Explorer for Reports and the Action List.
  • Prevented saving of a Minute Type without both an Insert Behaviour and a Name being specified.
  • Prevented saving of a User without providing a Name, Username and User Type.
  • The default sort order for new users for the Dashboard and the Document Assembly page is now meeting date order. Previously it was alphanumeric order.