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Release Version 4.32

9th January 2019

Assignment Groups

A new feature named Assignment Groups has been added to automate adding of assignments when a new report item is created. In the past it has been necessary for users to manually assign the appropriate approvers/reviewers as part of the process of creating a new report item. Assignment groups work as follows:

  1. Set up each distinct combination of standard approval workflows as a pre-defined assignment group via Admin | Assignment Groups e.g. each combination of Manager & Director
  2. Allocate the appropriate assignment group to each user via Admin | Users
  3. Whenever a user creates a report the assignments from their assignment group will be automatically added.
  4. A drop down list is available on the Assignment Details page that enables changing of the assignment group. In this case all existing assignments, aside from the owner assignment, are removed and replaced with the assignments from the selected group.

Note that assignments can still be maintained manually by report writers as per existing functionality, even when assignment groups are being used. This gives flexibility to cater for situations where the normal assignment group for a user does not apply to a particular report. It also enables adding of additional assignments as required e.g. Co-Authors.

Full details for working with assignment groups can be found here.

Saved Report Definitions

It is now possible to save report definitions to facilitate repeat running of reports based upon the same criteria.

A saved report definition includes all settings on the initial "load reporting data" page as well as all Applied Filters. When loading the initial report data a new drop down list enables you to optionally select an existing saved report definition:

Other properties can still be set on this page as usual regardless of whether an existing report definition has been chosen or not e.g. if you choose an existing definition you can still modify the date range before loading the reporting data.

To add a new report definition or save changes to an existing report definition click the new Add/Save Report Definition button at the top of the report data page:

The Add/Save Report Filter Definition dialogue then gives you 3 options:

  1. Delete an existing saved report definition.
  2. Add a new report definition
  3. Save changes to an existing report definition

Note that 1 and 3 above only apply when an existing report definition has been loaded.

Hiding of Section Titles

The ability to hide section titles, introduced in Release Version 4.31 has been split to enable a different setting for authoring mode and minutes mode: