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Release Version 5.05

8th August 2019

These release notes are cumulative and cover the product enhancements made for version 4.33 and versions 5.0 to 5.5.

Live Voting

In conjuction with Docs On Tap, Doc Assembler and now offers an optional "live voting" module with the following features:

  • Councillors can record moved, seconded, for, against or abstained electronically, directly from the Docs On Tap app on any device.
  • The votes automatically come through to the Doc Assembler minutes processing page and populate the appropriate checkboxes for each councillor.
  • If the pop-out item content page is used in minutes processing then the administrator can display these votes on the screen viewed by the meeting, including councillor names and photos.

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Victoria Park Town Council in working with us to develop this module.

If you would like to know more about this module please contact Michael Craig on 0400 053 894.

Remove from Agenda Placeholders

We have added new "remove-from-agenda" placeholder fields that enable you to include text in your item content template (report layout), that will be removed when the agenda is assembled e.g. instructional text related to what to include in a certain section of the report. The field name pairs are shown in the table below. You can have multiple sets of these placeholder fields in order to remove text from different places in the document.

Start Field Name End Field Name
{remove-from-agenda-start} {remove-from-agenda-end}
{remove-from-agenda-start-do-not-remove} {remove-from-agenda-end-do-not-remove}

Confidential Attachments to Public Report Items

We have added the ability for the report author, or the agenda administrator, to flag attachments as confidential. The administrator can then choose to assemble the agenda with or without these confidential attachments. This gives the option of assemblingand publishing 2 different versions of the same agenda - one that includes confidential attachments, and one that does not.

In order to turn on this new feature the Use Confidential Attachments checkbox must be ticked in the Items section of System Config.

Once this option is turned on a new column appears in the attachment upload panel with a checkbox that can be ticked to indicate that an attachment is confidential:

Then when assembling the user can choose whether or not to include confidential attachments by ticking the new Include Confidential checkbox below the attachment mode dropdown. A new column in the Assembled Docs grid shows whether or not confidential attachments were included.

While this option is most useful when assembling in Inline attachment mode, the flag is still respected when publishing to any destination e.g. if you assemble in Multi attachment mode and then publish to Docs On Tap, confidential attachments will only be published to Docs On Tap if the Include Confidential checkbox was ticked when the document was assembled.

Minutes Processing - Multiple Recommendations/Resolutions

We now allow for multiple recommendations/resolutions to be included in a report item and then pulled through to the minutes processing page. If you wish to use more than one recommendation/resolution within a report item then simply append a counter to the end of the placeholder fields as shown in the table below.

Placeholder Fields In Report Item Corresponding Placeholder Field in the Minute Type
{recommendation-start}/{recommendation-end} {resolution}
{recommendation1-start}/{recommendation1-end} {resolution1}
{recommendation2-start}/{recommendation2-end} {resolution2}
{recommendation3-start}/{recommendation3-end} {resolution3}
{recommendation4-start}/{recommendation4-end} {resolution4}
{recommendation5-start}/{recommendation5-end} {resolution5}

Note that the "-do-not-remove" suffix can also be used with any of the recommendation-start/end placeholders e.g. {recommendation3-start-do-not-remove}/{recommendation3-end-do-not-remove}

Action List Enhancements

  • Added the Due Date column to the Action List.
  • Fixed up a problem that caused the last column to be off the right hand side of the page.
  • The Action Required & Action Taken columns now retain their formatting.
  • The Action Required & Action Taken column widths have been made wider and fixed to improve readability.

TRIM (Micro Focus Content Manager) Integration

The TRIM configuration in System Config now enables default values for Author ID and Addressee ID to be configured:

Resolution Register

The minutes in the Resolution Register now default to being sorted by meeting date in descending order.

Moving of Items Using Drag and Drop

  • Items can now be moved between sections using drag and drop in the Document Assembly and Template Maintenance pages (previously they could only be moved within the same section).
  • Items can now be moved using drag and drop from within the Minutes Processing page. This enables movement of items as required during a meeting.

Report Number Display

For those sites that are using Report Numbers, we now display the report number, along with the item title, on the Document Assembly, Minutes Processing and pop-out Item Content pages.

Custom Fields

  • It is now possible to make a custom field value inactive. This is the preferred method for "archiving" old custom field values, e.g. if you change your council plan references, as it allows the old values to still be used when filtering in the Reports area and the Action List.
  • Fixed some problems that caused incorrect results when filtering with custom fields in the Reports area and the Action List.

Reports Module

We have opened up access in the Reports module to all data for all users, previously viewing of data in the Reports module was restricted to users who were assigned as Owners or Viewers at the top document/template level. This matches the changes made some time ago with the Doc's Overview module.

Attachment List

We now print the number of pages for each attachment, in the attachment list that is inserted into a report item.

Reminders Exclude Inactive Users

Fixed a bug where we were sending reminder emails to inactive users.