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infoXpert (MagiQ) Integration


InfoXpert URL - the URL to access InfoXpert from an external address is required to be entered here to permit Doc Assembler to lookup the Business Classification

The InfoXpert server needs to be visible to the internet. Specifically the Doc Assembler server.

  1. On your internal DNS server, in forward lookup Zones in the domain folder, create a Host A record for the InfoXpert server using your internal IP address “records Host (A)”
  2. Get the manager of your domain name to create a pointer for “” (or something similar - the name is not important) to one of your spare external ip addresses.
  3. On your firewall create an inbound path from the external ip address to the internal ip address of “records” and limit connectivity of this to the ip address of the Docs On Tap server
  4. Enter the URL created in point 2 above, along with a user name and password that has permission to create folders and documents in infoXpert, into the corresponding fields in the Doc Assembler | System Config screen. Make sure to include the full URL e.g.