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Create New Template

To create a new template:

  • Expland the Create New Template panel on the left above the Template List.
  • If you want to make a copy of an existing template to form the basis of your new template, then put a tick in the Copy Existing Template checkbox, in which case a drop down list of existing templates will be displayed for you to choose from.
  • Enter a name for the new template.
  • Click the "plus" button to add the new template.
  • Select either Complex Structure or Simple Structure from the pop-up menu (see explanation following the image below).

The template creation progress will be indicated by status messages displayed in the bottom right of the page. Once complete the new template will be added to the Template List on the left of the page. Select the template in the list to begin the process of creating it's structure and configuring it's settings. For more information refer to one of the following sections of this guide: Complex Structure or Simple Structure.

Complex Structure: has the following attributes:

  • Is used to create a template that will have multiple sections
  • Typically requires a cover page and table of contents
  • Enables multiple source documents (referred to as Item Content) to be assembled together into a single document
  • e.g. Council or committee meeting agenda, corporate/strategic plan.

Simple Structure: has the following attributes:

  • Simple individual document that does not have multiple sections.
  • Typically does not require a cover page or table of contents.
  • e.g. standard letter, position confirmation letter.