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The Venues maintenance page is accessed by selecting Venues from the Admin menu. It is only accessible to System Admin or Admin users. Venues are assigned to a document, at either the template or document level, and are displayed on the calendar and in the grid list in Documents Overview. An example list of venues is shown below.

Adding a Venue

To add a venue click the Add button:

  • Enter a Name for the venue
  • Optionally enter the venue's Location
  • Optionally add one or more Rooms to the venue
  • Save the new record

Editing a Venue

To edit an existing venue click on the row in the list and edit the Name, Location and Rooms as required. If you no longer wish a venue to be used then simply place a tick in the Inactive checkbox. Inactive records will be displayed in the list of venues with a line through their name.

Assigning a Venue to a Template/Document

When a Venue is assinged to a template or document then if Rooms have been added to the venue they will be available for selection from a second drop down list.